How I Work

How I Work



I use a wide range of UX tools and methods to find user-centred solutions to meet the business needs of my clients. Working collaboratively, planning my time and prioritising tasks are skills I have developed as a teacher. As a UX Designer they help me work efficiently and to deadlines. 


My Design Process



As well as using Agile methods to develop and test ideas, I follow the Double Diamond approach to guide the design process, moving through the four phases of Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver to arrive at a fully realised design.

I also draw on UX heuristics such as Peter Morville's UX Honeycomb to assess the credibility of a design and to guide its development.



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User Research

I use both qualitative (what users say and do) and quantitative research (analysing numbers from analytics and surveys) to create effective Personas that distill user needs into a tangible, testable form.   



Competitive Analysis

I can assess your on-boarding, conversion, retention and interface to see how it measures against your competitors.

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Sketching & Wireframing

I begin my designs with pen and paper to maximise ideation, and produce quality wireframes to suit the phase of the project - whether it’s rapid prototyping or high fidelity mockup.


Prototyping & Testing

I create believable, interactive prototypes using paper, Marvel and Invision, to test ideas with users and inform further design iterations.

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I am a stickler for detail, and attention to detail is essential in the later stages of a project. I craft professional design spec documents that delight my clients and facilitate the next stages of a project.



Get in touch

I'm always happy to discuss projects, past and future. 

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