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Case Study: Hoppy Blog

A blog that drives traffic for EDF Energy's home management website


Date: Dec 2017

Team: Project Manager, Designer, Developer

My role: Ideation, competitive research, UI design




Hoppy is a start up funded by an internal innovation team at a EDF Energy. The Unit worked with Hoppy to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) white label service for finding energy deals, TV & broadband deals and tradespeople.

The Hoppy website was launched in December 2017.

Hoppy Website.jpg


In a highly competitive price comparison landscape, Hoppy needed to market themselves and build their brand to drive traffic to the site. Already maximising their paid media, they were yet to leverage their owned media through content marketing. 

                      The three media elements of marketing 

                      The three media elements of marketing 



The Unit designed a blog site to host shareable content that adds value for Hoppy customers, builds affinity with the brand and encourages users to begin a switch or quote journey. 



Straight in

Due to a very tight turnaround for the work, myself, a Developer and the Project Manager kicked off with a meeting to go over the brief, discuss initial thoughts and a workflow plan for the next couple of days. 


I began by sketching possible layouts for the blog home page and article page and considered which ones worked best with the Hoppy pattern library and website. 


Hoppy Blog Sketches.jpg
Desktop Article Shadows.jpg

From paper to screen

I then moved to digital to realise my ideas, using the Hoppy pattern library for guidance, checking in regularly with the Project Manager and developer with technical or timeline questions.  


Using an Add This widget at the bottom of an article, the content is easily shareable without it being too intrusive.


Including a prominent CTA on the article page was important for funnelling customers into the switch/quote journey, but again it is placed at the bottom of an article to give the content precedence.



The Outcome

The resulting design is a responsive blog site that is consistent with the Hoppy brand and website, is SEO compliant and has been live since December 2017.

Hoppy Responsive Mockups.jpg


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