Hi, I'm Kevin 

A User Experience Designer with 14 years teaching experience around the world. I love working with people       to meet the needs of users and businesses by designing digital products.




  • At General Assembly London, I worked collaboratively on five projects using agile methodologies to find solutions.
  • I applied iterative processes and User Centred Design to meet the needs of users.
  • I led design studios with teams of co-designers and clients to generate ideas.
  • During each project I used a range of UX tools including competitive analysis, user research, interaction & interface design, and prototyping and testing.

Read about my     experience at GA

My piece on Medium reflecting on the User Experience Design Immersive course at GA London has been used by their marketing team.



Recent Work



O2 World Chat: rethinking the on-boarding experience for new users

O2 knew their World Chat app had some problems - it had a bounce rate of 84%. First time users just weren't sticking around. So O2 let me and other UXDI graduates at GA loose to see how we could improve it.

My team of three redesigned the on-boarding process to communicate the benefits of the app to users and encourage them to start using immediately.

But with a team member in LA and no access to existing users, we were up against it!

Watch the video to see the process we worked through. 








I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of projects with some great people.  

Read case studies in my portfolio or view my LinkedIn profile:




How I work


I adapt my approach to each project, tailoring the design process to the needs of the client, the user and project constraints. My UX tool box is packed full of methods, strategies, and activities which I employ to help solve problems. 





About Me

I've run a half-marathon in Ethiopia, played in a rock band at the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia, and played a live John Peel Session on BBC Radio One (best day of my life). 

My interests and experience make me an adaptable and active practitioner, engaging with the world by exploring and asking questions. 




Kevin was lovely to work with, he is enthusiastic and thoughtful, and his creativity really shines through his work. I was particularly impressed with his illustrative style, wireframes and beautiful photography. Kevin is also very approachable and makes stakeholders and users feel very comfortable working with him.
— Anthea Jackson, UX/UI Designer
It was great to work with Kevin, and I was really impressed with his creativity and ability to find solutions to such a challenging brief. He was mainly concerned with UI/UX for onboarding clients to our website and to help them set up campaigns. He was a valuable member of a dynamic team and carried out useful research too. His work was pivotal and will very much help us moving forward in the future. I highly recommend Kevin to any future employer.
— Jeremy Agnew, Founder and CEO of Anew Mission
Kevin is one of the kindest people I know. Working with him is an absolute pleasure. His patience, understanding and empathetic approach to projects is inspiring - especially in times of high stress and tight deadlines. His dedication to any project he is involved in is evidenced in the high quality of work he produces. Any company would be extremely lucky to have Kevin in their UX arsenal.
— Aaron Nathaniel Standen, Art Director/UX Designer


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I'm always happy to discuss projects, past and future. 

Feel free to use the form below, or drop me an email at smith.p.kevin@gmail.com